Zbyněk Kusý, a former manager of ice hockey Pardubice and Slavia football, died

“This message has hit us all. Zbyněk Kusý has done a lot of work for Pardubice and Czech hockey, “wrote Pavel Rohlík, a successor to the club’s web site at the club’s website. The Kushy death report spread rapidly, but

How to succeed at home? Vary must get the opponent under pressure and weigh the draws

Exchange trainer in Hradec Kralove. The fact that does not concern Energy. More specifically, it would not. At least to the Friday match. Vladimir Kýhos is standing on the bench. A coach who knows the Karlovy Vary environment and quite

Mertiňák and Čermák did not succeed in the London semifinals

LONDON – Slovak tennis player Michal Mertiňák and Czechs František Čermák played as five on Saturday’s semi-finals at the 40th ATP World Tour Finals Championship in London with Tournament Sevens, Byelorussian Max Mirne and Israeli Andy Ram, in the premiere

Russian Referees Revealed: The Slovan’s opponent did not respect the rules, it did not bother anyone

BRATISLAVA – Hard-won, but a more valuable victory. Hockey players of Slovan Sunday won home for the first time in the season at the regular time and showed great performance. The match with the highest quality Traktor Čeľjabinsk, which entertained

Bryant’s 40 points were low on the win, the Rockets defeated Toronto

NEW YORK – One tenth of a second has blunted Kobe Bryant’s full-length effort, 40 points in the Indiana basketball game on Tuesday’s NBA. By the end of the meeting, it was 24.5 seconds for the Los Angeles Lakers to

Slovan in the Great Crisis After A Deception: The legendary player has clearly named problems

BRATISLAVA – In the last season, the best shooter has not scored a goal this year. Libor Hudacek is extremely dissatisfied with this year, fans and coach with him. Success, however, does not cost a single young man.

Majstrovský Trenčín defeated the newcomer with ease, Myjava won the match with Žilina

SENICA – Spartaka Myjava has won the 11th duel Saturday.of the highest Slovak competition of Fortuna leagues 2015/2016 on FK Senica soil 1: 0. span class = “left-btn btn”> <

Košice in Poprad played 0: 3 and 1: 4, eventually won

Poprad. The basketball hockey players turned the unfavorable development and won the Sunday match of the 34th Round of Tipsport extraliga on Poprad Ice 6: 4. The senior master of the Slovak Republic played under Tatras after third third 0:

Godla handed the mask to the glory hall, giving trophies to his parents

BRATISLAVA. A few months ago, only hockey enthusiasts knew him, after the junior MS in Canada he was talking about the whole ice hockey world. Goalkeeper Denis Godla sparked the championship. It was a big part of the fact that

Toronto lost eleven matches behind, Elias scored four goals

BRATISLAVA. Two Slovak hockey players presented in the NHL night games. Not one of them did. Richard Pánik has scored a minus point in Toronto. His team lost to New Jersey 1: 4. He hesitated eleven times behind him. He